1. drooooooooooooling. 

    Bunny Williams, you are so so so so good

  2. the epitome of good design can be found here.

    you are welcome.

  3. the ultimate outdoor summer chair. 

    thank you Serena and Lilly. 

  4. i n s p i r e d


  5. i think i found my soul mate: Leise Dich Abrahamsen

    Her work resonates with everything in me; as if she is peering into my soul. She knows me. She gets me. 


    maybe we were separated at birth? 

    To get lost in her wonderful blog click here

  6. on repeat ya’ll. 

    "i wont’ let you leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave my love behind"


  7. last week of my under grad career. weeeiiirdd

    Cannot believe I have one week of college left! How time flies. It’s all very bittersweet but I am so looking forward to what the Lord has in store! So many upcoming (exciting) projects that I can’t wait to share! Until then! 

    process shot of my final screen print… coming along nicely. 


  8. Started a new painting yesterday.

  9. Pretty still life at school

  10. love this jam

  13. this/is/love
    this girls reminds me how real God is. so glad He sent her my way.
  15. photo documentation of the past three months